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  • Intuitive interface on both mobile & desktop
  • Easily track all expenses
  • Used by over 250,000 businesses
  • Integrates with many other business apps
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  • author: Daniel Ndukwu
  • 26.09.19
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AND.CO was founded in 2015 by Martin Strutz and Leif Abraham as a simple app to create invoices and manage clients. It was acquired by Fiverr and has since staked its claim as one of the go-to invoicing apps for freelancers and small businesses owners.

Plans & Pricing

AND.CO has a unique pricing model among invoicing services. After it was acquired by Fiverr, it rolled back all the pricing tiers and gave the software away for free. Today, it only has two pricing tiers.


The AND.CO’s has a generous free forever plan. It has most of the features of the app such as proposals and contracts, time tracking, and reporting. Instead of limiting users based on features, it limits users based on usage. You can only have one active client at a time and connect a maximum of two bank accounts. Invoices and messages sent through the app will have AND.CO Branding. there is also a 2.9% + 30 cents for online payments.


Pro is the only other plan available for customers and costs $24/m or $216/year. It comes with everything from the free plan and also has editable contracts, training sessions to get you up to speed, and priority support. The usage limits are also increased. Pro users are allowed unlimited clients and up to 6 connected bank accounts. There is still a 2.9% + 30 cents for online payments.

When considering the features offered, the pro plan has a reasonable price tag and is much cheaper than many similar tools on the market.

Pro Monthly
Pro Yearly

Features & Functionality

AND.CO allows you to create professional looking invoices from scratch or choose from a number of templates. With the free plan, the templates aren’t editable but pro users are able to edit them to suit their needs. In addition to invoices, you can create and send proposals to clients for approval as well as requests deposits before the work starts. It’s accessible through a desktop app as well as most modern web browsers.

Time tracking

It has built in time tracking that allows you to log all the time spent working on client projects. You can log it against specific projects in real-time or edit it after the fact and automatically generate invoices based on hours worked time. Use the desktop app for Mac, the web interface, or the mobile app to ensure time logging is always accurate. Finally, share time sheets with clients so they always know exactly how much time you’ve spent on the project.

Expense tracking

AND.CO allows you to track expenses on two levels. First, you’re able to connect your credit or debit cards and sort expenditure within the app. If you don’t like that approach or it doesn’t work for you, simply forward your receipts via email or capture them through the mobile app. Once they’re loaded into AND.CO, categorize them and view a breakdown of all your expenses to stay on top of them.

Task management

My Desk automatically pulls in all your activities and looming deadlines to create an intuitive task management flow. As you accomplish each individual task, simply check it off to keep your task list up to date. You can also create custom lists and customer views so that you can see specific tasks for specific projects. When you have other miscellaneous tasks, simply create a new task and retain a bird’s eye view of everything that needs to be done.


No invoicing tool is complete without reports. AND.CO gives you the ability to view three important reports. The first one is your income statement with all the billed and collected revenue from your business. The second one is your expense reports. The last one is your tax report. They can be further filtered by certain criteria such as clients, categories, and time frame.

Freelance contract

The company partnered with the Freelancers Union to create contracts that’ll serve the needs of freelancers. The contracts are easily customizable, support e-signing, and you get notifications when they’re viewed or signed. Finally, you can generate invoices directly from the terms of the signed contract.

Add-Ons and Integrations

AND.CO doesn’t offer separate add-on services because everything is contained within one of their plans. They do have a large integration ecosystem powered by Zapier. With it, you’re able to connect thousands of different apps. It has direct integrations with payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal, and WePay.

Ease of use

After confirming your email address, you’re able to customize key elements like business name, logo, and colors. From there, it has a checklist that guides you through every aspect of the app and gives you a $20 credit towards the Pro plan once you’ve completed the checklist. Dashboards share important information without overwhelming you and the menus are clearly labeled which cuts down on the learning curve.

Pros & Cons

  • Fully equipped free version
  • Get $20 credit just by using every feature of the app
  • Freelance contract templates can be converted directly to invoices
  • Clear dashboards and useful reports
  • Full-featured mobile and desktop apps
  • Free plan limited to only one client
  • Pro plan required to remove AND.CO branding
  • 2.9% + 30 cents for online payments

Customer support

AND.CO offers support via multiple channels to meet the needs of its large user base. Online reviews agree that the support offered is responsive and knowledgeable enough to tackle almost any issue.

  • Live Online Chat
    It’s available for all customers irrespective of plan.
  • Email
    Email support is also available to all customers.
  • Video Tutorials
    There’s a large collection of video tutorials on the support website and YouTube.
  • FAQ
    It maintains a detailed FAQ section.
  • Blog
    AND.CO has a detailed blog that focuses on company updates, invoicing best practices, and other issues affecting freelancers & small businesses.

Final Word

AND.CO is invoicing software that’s built for a specific group of users and serves their needs well. If you’re a freelance professional or a small business owner with a small team then it’ll help you streamline your workflow, make sure you get paid faster, and increase your efficiency.

It starts with the simple interface that makes it possible to get up and running within a few minutes. Features like expense tracking, time tracking, and task management make it possible to eliminate multiple tools and bring everything under one roof. At just $18/month for the Pro plan, it’s worth taking a good look at.

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