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Top 3 Best Online Invoicing Software for Your Christmas List

Gabriel Nwatarali | 12.12.19 | 0 Comments

Christmas is almost here. Have you made your Christmas list yet? There will be plenty of transactions taking place this holiday season. Every business, entrepreneur, or freelancer knows how important it is to make sure customers pay their bills. However, the way you manage invoices...

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Essential Tips for Managing Your Side-Hustle

Daniel Ndukwu | 23.10.19 | 0 Comments

The way we work is evolving. Instead of having a single job for most of our careers, it’s more common to switch jobs every few years. On top of that, full time employment is harder to come by and the gig economy is employing more...

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The 5 most useful features you need in your online invoicing software

Daniel Ndukwu | 25.09.19 | 0 Comments

For any business or freelancer that does client work over the internet, online invoice software is an essential part of the mix. The right ones not only make it easier to get paid, they keep you organized, efficient, and professional. Not all invoicing software is...

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How to Write an Estimate

Daniel Ndukwu | 23.07.19 | 0 Comments

Once you’ve finished speaking to a prospect, you’ve understood their goals, and have agreed on a deliverable, the next step is to write an estimate. If you’ve never created one and are wondering how to write an estimate, it’s natural for a few questions to...

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5 Freelance Invoicing Tips for Writers

Pavel Aramyan | 18.06.19 | 0 Comments

Mastering freelance invoicing is essential for any writer’s growth and development. It helps you get paid on time, keep track of your expenses and income, and stay organized even on the most frantic weeks. Whether you’re an experienced writer or are just starting, it’s never...

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Invoice Details to Include Every Time

Daniel Ndukwu | 23.05.19 | 0 Comments

There are so many moving pieces in a business. You have multiple products and services, payroll, marketing initiatives, and so much more. These activities take up most of your time and rightly so. The minutiae of invoice details and even how to make an invoice...

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The 7 Advantages of Automated Billing Software

Pavel Aramyan | 23.04.19 | 0 Comments

Automated billing allows your SaaS business to manage more clients in less time and save thousands of dollars in the process. Every small business owner strives to acquire more clients. When you’re putting so much effort into this task, it’s essential to make the following...

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How to Use QuickBooks for Taxes: Beginner’s Guide

Pavel Aramyan | 20.03.19 | 0 Comments

Using QuickBooks for taxes is recommended by the vast majority of business owners. The QuickBooks for taxes features make it easy to generate reports and work with your accountant. You can also grant access to sophisticated inventory management, analytics, and automation features. With the beginning...

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How to Write an Invoice ft. FreshBooks

Pavel Aramyan | 13.02.19 | 0 Comments

Knowing how to write an invoice correctly is essential for many reasons. First of all, a professional looking invoice adds credibility. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or a small business owner, the invoices you send resemble the quality of your service and expertise. You need...

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Best Invoicing Software for Small Business: QuickBooks vs FreshBooks

Graeme Messina | 14.01.19 | 0 Comments

Online invoicing software comparisons for your business are tricky things to get to grips with. This is especially true if you haven’t had much exposure to finances and bookkeeping before. Luckily, there are many popular options for you to choose from. Here, we’ll take a...

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