How to Choose the Best Invoicing Software

If you run a business, then you need a means to bill your clients and customers. In the past, the company accountant had to do cumbersome bookkeeping for many hours a day to be able to generate invoices for every customer, but technology has eliminated the need for the manual legwork. An invoice generator does everything for you; from choosing an invoice template and logging your expenses to ensuring that payments are delivered on time.

Recommended online invoicing software

These are some of the most recommended online invoicing software on the market:

Advantages of online invoicing software

Not only does invoice software help you in automating the billing processes, it also helps you in speeding up the process and in better overall bookkeeping. Other tangible advantages of invoicing software are:

1. You store everything in the cloud

This means that you no longer have to worry about your computer crashing or facing mail problems. Everything is safe, secure, sound and in the cloud. Freshbooks has a great cloud storage feature, so that you can access your invoices and documents from anywhere at any time.

2. Customization allows you to establish brand identity

With an invoicing software, you can add your company’s logo, fonts and color scheme to the invoice; this allows you to reinforce the identity of your company. Also, since you have the brush in your hand and a canvas to paint in front of you, you can add a customized thank you message in the invoice as well. vCita makes it very simple to customize your invoice templates and add your own images.

3. Multi-currency and multilingual billing is possible

Whether you use a free invoice template in your software or make your own personalized invoice, you can do so in any language and in any currency. We are all citizens of a global village so it doesn’t matter whether you are a company in the UK billing a client in China or Australia, your invoice software will have you covered.

4. Save a lot by reducing the amount of paper, ink and mailing costs

Also, since most of the invoicing tasks will get automated, you will see a reduction in administration costs.

5. Access from anywhere and at any time

Invoicing software allows you to get real-time information of the most important asset of your business: the incoming money. Most of the top companies have mobile applications along with web applications. Software like Quickbooks lets you track your invoices & payments from apps on your mobile device, so you’ll never miss a deadline or payment.

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6. Audit like a professional

Auditing in the past was hard, to say the least. You had to go through mountains of paper to ensure that you were on the right track. Today, though, with an invoice maker, logging all your expenses and estimates, as well as auditing, is like taking a stroll in the park.

7. Fast delivery entails faster payments

An online invoice generator sends your invoice to its intended receiver within seconds. Your client will no longer be able to complain about a package not reaching them on time and you will inevitably start receiving payments faster.

8. A huge reduction in errors and disputes

When you use software to do your billing for you, the chances of errors and disputes reduce. Not only do errors slow down the payment process, they also tarnish your brand’s reputation and damage your relationship with the client. Reduce the chances of making them by getting online invoicing software such as Freshbooks, which is a fantastic software rich in features.

Which online invoicing software will suit your business best?

There is no way to find an absolute answer to the million-dollar question, “which is the best online invoicing software for my business?” because no two companies are alike. However, you can choose the best-suited one for your business by doing a little bit of homework. But, why do that when we have done all the hard work for you? Fortunately for you, we have reviewed some of the leading invoice generators out there and have compared their features rigorously for you to pick the one that aligns with your needs best. You have to answer questions for yourself like, “Which invoice maker helps me choose the best sample invoices or templates and lets me run my business in auto-pilot mode?” Once you know exactly what features you want to have in your tool, you can make the investment and reap the benefits.

Do you think you are ready to automate your invoicing processes? Before you make the commitment, be sure to read our detailed reviews of the best online invoicing software, go through our insightful articles and compare the best invoice makers with our free comparison too

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