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Gerald Stein

Nov 01 2018

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Online invoicing software for freelancers can make all the difference in the ease of billing clients. As a freelancer, you’re often working on multiple projects for various clients. While you’re juggling many projects, deadlines, communicating with clients, and finally finding time to get work done, there’s little time or energy leftover to take on the more mundane yet critical tasks, such as invoicing.

Simplify your workflow

Making a new invoice manually for every project can be tiring. Without using any invoicing tools for freelancers, there is no way for you to check the status of an invoice without opening your bank account. In case the deadline is close and the client hasn’t paid, you don’t have the luxury of sending them an automated late payment reminder. You have to do it manually. Additionally, there is always the possibility of error while creating invoices. For these reasons, implementing an invoicing software can save you time, energy, and money.

Modern invoicing software for freelancers can even let you put your freelance business on auto-pilot. It can customize invoices within seconds, send late payment reminders, track your expenses, and manage your clients efficiently. Smartphone invoicing applications give you access to the most important financial statistics on-the-go. In short, an invoicing application, such as Zoho, makes accounting for freelancers simpler than ever.

Our choices for invoicing software for freelancers

There are plenty of options available in the market when it comes to invoicing software for freelancers. Some are very straightforward while some have features for more detailed invoicing. The one you choose depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorites:


FreshBooks is one of the best online invoicing tools for freelancers for several reasons. It has a very simple user interface, an appealing design, many features, and has flexible pricing plans. It even offers a 30-day trial. Invoice customization is simple and extensive. You can add your company’s logo, choose different themes, and send personalized thank-you emails. The customization possibilities are endless.

In addition to all the standard features you expect from invoicing tools for freelancers, FreshBooks also contains some special features. You can charge late fees, send recurring invoices automatically, and use late payment reminders to notify defaulting clients. The application can be accessed from the browser and it also lets you manage and track your expenses efficiently. You can also offer discounts or promotions to clients. The FreshBooks mobile applications allows you to stay on top of your finances wherever you are.


QuickBooks is another great option of invoicing software for freelancers who are looking for something simple. Boasting a sleek and simple user interface, QuickBooks allows you to track both your vendors and clients, automate all billing and invoicing tasks, and more. QuickBooks also offers a 30-day trial and offers budget-friendly plans.

You can use the QuickBooks applications on your computer, tablet, and mobile phone. It doesn’t matter whether you want to manage your taxes or want to add a new expense, with QuickBooks, you can manage your finances in just a few clicks.


Wave provides a bundled-up suite of invoicing and billing tools to streamline finance management. What makes Wave stand out is the fact that it’s the only free invoicing software that’s available as a web-based application. You will never be asked to pay to create or customize invoices. Wave also comes with features like payment reminders, recurring billing, payment receipts, and automatic status updates. It also allows your client to pay with a credit card directly from the invoice. This means that they can no longer have an excuse to delay payments. Smartphone applications are also available to download for free.


Zoho is beautifully designed and complete with a rich set of easy-to-use features. It also comes with a free account, where you can create customized invoices. The free account can only be used by one user to bill up to 5 customers. A great advantage offered by Zoho is that the invoicing application integrates seamlessly with the rest of Zoho apps like Zoho mail, Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM, and much more.


Anchor is another simple invoicing software for freelancers that has proven to be really helpful for freelancers. The powerful and sleek application is cloud-based and easy to use. You can try a demo before paying for the full application. Anchor allows you to manage estimates, create recurring invoices, and view financial reports. Even though there aren’t any mobile applications, you can visit the Anchor app easily from your smartphone browser and access all the features.

Final word

There are a lot of Invoicing tools for freelancers available in the market. Certain online invoicing software can specifically help freelancers increase productivity and eliminate time-consuming tasks. Finding the perfect invoicing software for freelancers takes time and you should evaluate all the available choices based on your personal requirements. Not too long ago, accounting for freelancers was a tiring chore because the few freelance accounting software that were available weren’t affordable. However, that has changed now by the introduction of accessible and budget-friendly applications. If you’re a freelancer, it is counter-productive to not have an invoicing software working for you. Now, the only question that remains is which one is the best choice for your business?

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