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Tipalti review
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Tipalti is a payment management and automation tool with intuitive bill and invoice processing features. It helps small to medium sized businesses to deal with issues like late payments, non-compliance, human errors and excessive administrative load etc.

Tipalti review

Plans & Pricing

Tipalti doesn’t have any default pricing plans but they do offer a free product tour to prospective customers. The company can be contacted for quotes.

Features and Functionality

Tipalti comes with the following exciting features:

Reduces the Need for Manual Processing: With Tipalti, managing your payables and ensuring that you get paid on time can be automated to a great extent. From adding late payment fees to efficient supplier management, everything can be automated. Not only does this make the payment procedure more efficient, it also makes it less prone to errors.
Tax Compliance Tipalti is KPMG-certified and FATCA-compliant which allows it to automate all tax processing procedures including tax form validation, withholding calculation and collection. It can also generate end-of-year tax reports.
Comprehensive Invoice Management Module: The invoicing system in Tipalti consists of many beneficial features like matching POs to receipts and invoices, scheduling batch invoices for payments, automated reconciliation of supplier payments, intelligent routing of approvals and reducing the need for manual data entry by using optical character recognition.
Early Payment Discounts: Discounts are always an enticement for customers, and with Tipalti, you can attach discounts to early payments which will ensure that you receive payments faster.
Payment Reconciliation Reports: Payment reconciliation and other financial reports can be instantly generated with Tipalti which completely eradicate the need for manual reconciliations.
Tipalti review - Features

Ease of Use

Tipalti has a very sleek, easy-to-use, simplistic design which shouldn’t present a learning curve even to beginners. The menu bar allows you to switch between different sections like bills, payments and reports etc. seamlessly. Obtaining important information or performing sensitive operations is fairly straightforward.

 Tipalti review - Ease of use

Add-Ons and Integrations

Tipalti provides APIs that can integrate with any 3rd party application or business system. It also comes with default integration support for CAKE, NetSuite ERP, HasOffers, HitPath and Oracle Ebusiness Online, Paladin Software. When it comes to payment gateways, it can integrate with PayPal, Intercash and Wells Fargo etc.


Tipalti offers support via email, phone number, training and a ticketing service.

Pros & Cons

Simplistic, beautiful design No default pricing plans
Automated supplier payment reconciliation
OCR for data extraction

The Final Word

Tipalti is a modern payment processing and billing solution that caters to small and medium sized businesses. It has some excellent automation features like supplier payment reconciliation and data extraction via OCR which makes it a handy choice for companies looking to lessen the manual administrative workload.

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Tipalti Review