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TimeSolv is a financial solution that provides time tracking and billing features. The product’s main targeted demographic is the legal community but other professionals have also used it to good effect. The platform can be used for efficient expense tracking and receiving payments as well.


Plans & Pricing

TimeSolv comes with a 30-Day-Free trial. Paid versions are available in the following forms:

TimeSolv Pro: The price of this package varies depending on the amount of timekeepers at your firm. For example, if you select the 5 timekeeper package, it will cost you $19.95 per timekeeper if you go for a monthly plan and $17.95 per timekeeper if you go for an annual payment plan. The official website provides a simple tool for you to find exact prices and discounts depending on the number of timekeepers. With this package, you get free training support, free upgrades and an account manager. Other features include unlimited projects and clients, flexible invoicing options, 25+ reports and a multi-step approval process.

TimeSolv Legal: The Timesolv legal costs $34.95 per month if you go for a monthly plan and $31.46 per month if you go for an annual one. The price will vary once you change the number of timekeepers. You get free training support, free upgrades and an account manager, just like in the Pro package. Other features include flexible billing options, unlimited document storage, trust accounting and support for unlimited clients and matters.
TimeSolv also provides an outsource billing facility where they take care of all the billing needs of an organization. If you go for an e-billing service, you will be charged $129 for 1 timekeeper and if you go for a simple billing service, you will be charged $109 for 1 timekeeper. Rates will vary depending on the amount of timekeeper.

Features and Functionality

Here are some of TimeSolve’ best features:

Invoice Management TimeSolv’s invoice management feature comes with a lot of beneficial options including templates, split billing support and batch invoicing. Retainers and statements are also supported.
Budgeting With TimeSolv, you can create estimates and fix fees for some of your clients which gives you an idea of how your financial future will look. Reports are also available across different categories including accounting, time and expenses, which give you a real-time overview of how things are panning out.
Document Management The platform also provides you with the ability to store documents securely on the cloud and access them from anywhere.
Project Management With TimeSolv, you get some exciting project management features including setting milestones, establishing fixed fees and information sharing (with clients and employees). You can also see the amount of progress made against specific tasks and how your financial data is looking at any given time.
Add-Ons and Integrations TimeSolv integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, NetDocuments, Dropbox, AffiniPay, LawPay, CPACharge and AccountEdge.
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Ease of Use

TimeSolv’s interface is simple but it looks like it doesn’t score high in the aesthetics department. The design looks old and the application isn’t very user-friendly either. It takes time for a person to know the exact steps that are needed to be taken in order to carry out a simple function and toggling between screens also often takes more time than ideal.

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Add-Ons and Integrations

TimeSolv integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, NetDocuments, Dropbox, AffiniPay, LawPay, CPACharge and AccountEdge.


TimeSolv provides phone support from Monday to Friday (between 9am and 8pm for full support and between 8pm-10pm for urgent support) and also has a live chat service. The company can also be reached via email and there are plenty of video tutorials to go through if you need to know more about an aspect of the application. The company also has a blog and a FAQ section available on the website..

Pros & Cons

Project management features The design looks old and the application isn’t user-friendly.
Supports document uploading and management
31 different reports to show important data visually

The Final Word

TimeSolv is a financial application meant for lawyers and other professionals looking to streamline their invoicing and other financial obligations. It allows you to receive payments online and also comes with expense and estimate management features. You can also use reports to visualize important information and can also upload important documents which can be accessed from anywhere.

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TimeSolv Review